JComponentBreadboard: More Form. Less Thinking.
One array to place them. One command to bind them. One class to represent the form as a whole.

It's like JOptionPane on steroids! Once you try this simple, just-say-it-with-Java, approach to Swing forms you'll soon be asking:

  • Why wrestle with a GUI builder when one simple 2-D array can predictably position JComponents using plain old Java?
  • Why bother with SwingWorker when one jbRun call can launch a worker thread with full progress/cancel feedback?
  • Why wade through XyzListener verbiage when one jbConnect invocation can bind a JComponent's main property (boolean for Checkbox, String for JTextField, etc.) and its auxiliary properties (enabled, visible, etc.) via injected, sensibly-named, getters and setters?
  • Why master JTable's intricacies when an array of JTextFields and fully integrated array support can do more?
  • Why concoct questions to fit JOptionPane's limitations when showInputBreadboard can easily retrieve user inputs using an arbitrary form?
  • Why write more than one method to define/assure valid field inputs?
User Guide/javadoc
Source code

Just 119 highly readable lines of Java for this date chooser!

With its 63K JAR, fast GUI response, comprehensive test set, example-chocked User's Guide, and BSD license why just read about it when you can...

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